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Fred and Carrie help Rachel Bloom land a date in this exclusive Portlandia clip

Celebrity cameos on Portlandia range from the recurring (think Kyle MacLachlan as “Mayor”) to the kooky and entrepreneurial (Jeff Goldblum hawking actual knots), so multi-hyphenate performer Rachel Bloom’s appearance in the final season could really go anywhere. Does she lead a marching band through the city, or maybe set up a make-your-own-mustard pop-up shop?

Those are solid guesses, but Bloom actually finds herself overwhelmed by social interactions in this exclusive clip. That’s when Carrie and Fred swoop in to help her wade through an online dating landscape cluttered with “jokey guys,” “deep thinkers,” and dick pics. Portland’s most resourceful residents field much of the conversation with these guys—complete with automated laughter—while Bloom texts “gross” to all the genital photographers, but it’s all worth it when they land a date with Peter. Or David? But definitely not Trevor.

A new episode of Portlandia airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET on IFC.

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