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Inspired by a chemistry discovered while working together on 2008's Righteous Kill, here is the new Robert De Niro/50 Cent joint "from a producer of Street Kings, 16 Blocks" and that other aforementioned, forgettable Redbox filler, which—much like this new one—benefits greatly from the late-career laziness that’s led Robert De Niro to keep cashing checks in interchangeable mid-tier crime dramas such as these. In an ostensibly new film that somehow has not already been released straight to a sleepy Sunday afternoon on TNT, De Niro stars as the grim, volatile mentor to 50 Cent's rookie police officer, then some shit about police corruption and Forest Whitaker is there and also Dana Delany says some things and hip-hop soundtrack. "You know why I trust you, kid? Eh? You wanna question me? Get da fuck outta here, etc." De Niro says, pointing and yelling. "Because margle bargle bzzzhhhhuhp," 50 Cent mumbles, just like a real actor. Then, explosions happen. TRUST AND STUFF.


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