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FXX is launching a late-night animation block

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FXX was basically put on the TV map by the success of its wildly audacious Simpsons marathon—and by “put on the TV map” we mean people can now easily find it in their channel guides by scrolling past all of the normal networks, then the basic cable channels, then the sports channels, no that’s too far, you’re on the movie channels, go back up, there it is—so it’s not surprising that the network is now trying to take a bigger step into the world of animated programming. To do this, FXX is taking a page from Cartoon Network’s book by creating an Adult Swim-style late-night animation block. Beginning in January, the hour-long block will be made up of new episodes of Lucas Bros. Moving Co. and Stone Quackers.


Both series were originally part of Fox’s Animation Domination HD block, with Lucas Bros. airing its whole first season on that stuffy, old network. Now, though, with Fox threatening to give ADHD the axe (which is a reference to Axe Cop being one of its shows) but allowing it to hang on in reruns, FXX has stepped up and taken in these poor, orphaned cartoons. Lucas Bros. is about two identical twin brothers (played by real identical twin comedians Keith and Kenny Lucas) who run a moving company out of a van they inherited from their uncle. It’s weirder than it sounds, we promise.

Hopefully, the same can’t be said for Stone Quackers, which can’t possibly be weirder than it sounds. Rather than try to make sense of it ourselves, we’ll just quote the press release: “Executive produced by the acclaimed actor John C. Reilly and renowned artist/creator Ben Jones, the duck denizens of Cheeseburger Island endure hardships ranging from hurricanes, severed heads to dangerous hot dogs and the shame of being alive.” If that still seems a bit too hard to understand, Congress might be able to help.

FXX’s Animation Block—which really needs a snappier name—will officially launch on January 22. Before that, there will be a special preview of Lucas Bros. and Stone Quackers on New Year’s Day, following—what else—a Simpsons marathon.