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George R.R. Martin checks in on his blog ahead of House Of The Dragon's premiere

And yes, he is still working on The Winds Of Winter

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
George R. R. Martin
George R. R. Martin
Photo: FilmMagic/FilmMagic for HBO (Getty Images)

As the Game Of Thrones community gears up for the imminent premiere of HBO’s prequel House Of The Dragon, the man himself has blogged some thoughts on the newest addition to the Westeros-verse. In a recent update shared to his Home Again website, George R.R. Martin shares some initial reactions to the first season of “Hot D” (the cultural jury remains out on why exactly Martin insists on stylizing the acronym this specific way for this show.)

“I’ve seen all ten episodes now (albeit in rough cuts), and I love what I’ve seen,” Martin writes. “Ryan and Miguel and their amazing cast and crew have done some magnificent work. Hot D is all I hoped it would be; dark, powerful, visceral, disturbing, stunning to look at, peopled with complex and very human characters brought to life by some truly amazing actors.”


Unfortunately, Martin’s latest update comes from quarantine. The author shares that although he did his best to remain careful during an appearance at the House Of The Dragon panel at San Diego ComicCon, he’s since tested positive for COVID-19, and has been in isolation. Despite the diagnosis Martin seems in good spirits, sharing that his quarantine has provided him with time to binge The Sandman, catch up on a deluge of emails, and yes, even work on The Winds Of Winter. Martin assures faithful readers he “hope[s] to wrap up the story line for one of the viewpoint characters...this week. Maybe even two.” Although that information provides about as much of a timeline as radio silence, it is something!

Martin also discusses, in clandestine terms, productions on “all the other Game Of Thrones successor shows we’re developing for HBO and HBO Max.” Per Martin, the projects span both animated and live-action settings.


“Development is a long and chancy process, of course, and there’s no telling how many series will be green lit in the end… I am really excited about the way some of them are coming along, though.”

House Of The Dragon premieres August 21 on HBO and HBO Max.