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Get Involved, Internet: Find out what would’ve happened on Deep Space Nine season 8

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Okay, we realize that that is a loaded headline, and that many of you fellow Star Trek nerds are now salivating over the notion that you could help make an entire eighth season (including the rumored musical episode) of Deep Space Nine happen. Well, that’s not quite going to happen. But according to The Hollywood Reporter, DS9 writer and latter day showrunner Ira Steven Behr has launched a fundraising campaign to shoot What We Left Behind, a documentary “all about the changing legacy of Deep Space Nine.” Adam Nimoy has already signed on to direct, fittingly enough, and interviews with cast members (minus Avery Brooks) have been lined up.

Which is all very exciting, but you might have noticed that the title is a reference to the series finale, which you may or may not have found to be a satisfying conclusion. Well, Behr recently reunited with his fellow DS9 writers Ronald D. Moore, Rene Echevarria and Hans Beimler to bang out the script for a whole new episode, as well as to sketch out what could have been season eight’s arc. (It’s almost as if that Portlandia episode came true—except for DS9, not Battlestar Galactica. Oh, and with the real Moore.) The fundraiser is already at 75 percent of its goal, and rewards include early access to the completed documentary.