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Get Involved, Internet: Help B.o.B. fund a private space program to prove the Earth is flat

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Whatever B.o.B. was once known for—like being a tuneful, multitalented musician with a promising debut and a bunch of major-league cosigns—he is now known exclusively for one thing, which is his belief that the Earth is flat. This is of his own design. While he originally made headlines by beefing with (who else?) Neil DeGrasse Tyson and tossing out tracks questioning the Earth’s roundness, he has since reformulated his entire artistic persona around this headline-grabbing belief, releasing multiple albums devoted to the concept as well as its intersection with various other conspiracy theories. He calls himself “Flat Earth Bob” now, too.

Which makes it imperative that we collectively pitch in to the artist’s new GoFundMe, entitled “Show BoB The Curve,” which he explains succinctly in the video below:

“I would like to send one, if not multiple, satellites as far into orbit as I can to find the curve,” he explains, before adding, “I’m looking for the curve.” Here he is referring to the curve of the Earth, which is a thing he does not believe exists, or at least doubts so completely that he needs crowdfunded and B.o.B.-administered proof of it. While originally his goal was a scant $200,000, a full $1,000 of which he devoted of his own money, the goalposts have since moved to $100 million, which is a slightly more realistic estimate of the cost to launch a private space program. And while this is a lot of money, and as of this writing he still has raised less than $2,000, the very belief that it may be secured is the magic of crowdfunding—the notion that, while individually none of us can help B.o.B. figure out if the Earth is flat, together we can, if each of us pitch in what we are able to.


Many hands make the load lighter. Help B.o.B. send one if not multiple satellites into orbit today.

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