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Get stoked for the debut album from D.C.'s Deathfix with this video premiere

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Washington, DC’s Deathfix might be a relatively new band, but it’s got cred and experience to spare. Featuring members of Fugazi, Faraquet, Medications, and Bob Mould’s solo band, the group’s made up of hard rockers playing slightly softer tunes. Interested? Check out the EPK below for the band’s self-titled debut, which comes out Feb. 25 on Dischord. It was shot by group member Brendan Canty, who’s got quite a bit of experience in rock ‘n’ roll filmmaking: He's responsible for both the acclaimed Burn To Shine DVD series and Wilco’s Ashes Of American Flags. Bandmate Rich Morel edited the clip together.