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After years of adorably stumbling on her way to romance, Sandra Bullock takes her biggest tumble yet in Gravity, playing an astronaut who trips and falls into the infinite void of outer space. Fortunately, she’s also got George Clooney with her—the perfect set-up for a romantic comedy about learning to love the one you’re with while trying not to die from oxygen deprivation, were Gravity not also the latest science-fiction thriller from Alfonso Cuarón. The director of Children Of Men has been working on this follow-up for nearly three years, and by the looks of things, he’s out to meet every near-impossible expectation that film set. For instance, much of this trailer seems to be cut from the promised 20-minute, uninterrupted take that opens the film, which aims to one-up the lengthy shots in Children Of Men in ambition, as well as in horrible things happening in very rapid succession. Anyway, seeing this in IMAX 3D might just be mandatory, as is a scene where Bullock and Clooney float by a stoned Michael Caine.


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