Say you're an assistant to the office jackass Spencer. You've stuck it out for two years because one day you want to be a broker, and (presumably) your boss has led you to believe such a fact. Say, now, that you learn not only was your boss probably bullshitting you, but he never thought more of you than something to (presumably) masturbate to. It's time to quit. And if you're Jenny [no last name known], it's time to quit via a series of 33 whiteboard photos revealing embarrassing things about your cock of a boss—emailed to the entire staff of your company. Wow. Just…amazing.

At the end Jenny writes, "Something tells me I'll be just fine." It's more than intuition, Jenny: It's irrefutable fact.


Check out the whole exchange, which includes Spencer's taste in websites—only the finest for this guy.

(hat tip: Geekologie)

[[EDIT: So apparently this has been proven fake. Gah. I've lost all faith in the world, Steve Slater excepted.]]