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Greta Gerwig regrets working with Woody Allen, says she'll never work with him again

Gerwig at the NBR awards last night in New York. (Photo: Angela Weiss/Getty Images)

Greta Gerwig drew some criticism for deflecting a question about Woody Allen at the Golden Globes on Sunday night, which is bad optics, to be sure. But in her defense, it’s probably difficult to make a thoughtful statement about a serious issue in the overwhelming environment that is backstage at an awards show. And for that matter, why wasn’t Justin Timberlake, who co-stars in Allen’s latest, Wonder Wheel, being grilled for his involvement with Woody Allen? He was there: Witness this gushing Vogue writeup calling him “husband of the year” for using the #TimesUp hashtag on Instagram before the ceremony. Anyway.

Gerwig circled back to the question in an online roundtable with Molly’s Game director Aaron Sorkin published in The New York Times last night. In her written response, which she says she has been “thinking deeply about” in recent days, she expresses her regret at working with Allen, and says she would not have appeared in 2012's To Rome With Love if she had known “what I know now.” (Dylan Farrow’s first-person account of being sexually abused by Allen was published in 2014, reviving accusations made in 1993, when Gerwig was 10.) She also says she will not work with him again, and that she was heartbroken to “realize that I increased another woman’s pain.”


You can read Gerwig’s response in full below, courtesy of Vulture’s Hunter Harris.

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