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Grimes says she's putting out a new album this year

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Claire Boucher has said she thinks of Grimes as a character, one that’s grown immeasurably across her itchy early EPs, the electronic-pop odyssey Visions, and 2015's day-glo radio-rock Art Angels (which we named our number 5 album of that year). If that’s the case, that character’s next installment may be coming sooner rather than later. In response to a tweet celebrating Visions’ sixth anniversary, she tweeted, of her own output:


Below that, a fan sprung upon her the all-important follow-up question:

So, there you have it: new Grimes record this spring or, more realistically, fall. It’s not like Boucher hasn’t been busy doing extremely Grimes shit, though. She recently appeared, alongside Joanna Newsom and Kim Gordon, in a campaign for the fashion designer Rodarte, and, along Megan James of Purity Ring, she spent a ton of time playing the sumptuous gothic RPG Bloodborne, a hobby that may bleed into her new recordings. While playing, she repeated her claim that she has at least one song in the bank specifically about playing Dark Souls, Bloodborne’s predecessor, which bodes well for those of us in the extremely narrow Venn overlap of Grimes fans and Dark Souls fans. Here’s hoping for a full concept album about an armor-less melee build becoming the Dark Lord Of Londor.


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