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Guess which fictional character has a blog?

Margene, the naive, palpably lonely, young third wife on HBO's Big Love, has a blog on HBO.com.

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It's just a modest little place for her, or the overworked production assistant who's writing in her voice, to discuss how her pural marriage is going, or talk about her pregnancy cravings, or to share her thoughts about hippos, Genesis, and

Pirates Of The Carribean:

So, anyway. Random thoughts real quick…catch you up: I gained four pounds in four days last week. My mom got ANOTHER new boyfriend: third this year. My hair's falling out a little bit. Dr. Perlmutt says it's because of the hormones I'm taking. I bought the Genesis record "Invisible Touch" at a yard sale. Now all I need is a record player. I saw a thing on Hippos on Animal Planet and they can open their mouths four feet wide. Four feet! Think about that! My new favorite board game is Cranium even though we haven't actually played it yet. There's a category where you have to guess what song your partner is humming. I'm going to be so good at that! And finally, I'm not at all excited about the new Pirates of the Carribean movie. In fact, I hate that they even made it. No one has any pride anymore…

Alright, I'm too sleepy to keep doing this today. More to come later. Talk to you soon, www people.

Love me! Margie.

Capping off a stream of consciousness rant about the everyday inanities of her life with a needy plea for love? Well played, Margie. You may be the quintessential personal blogger. But the best part about Margene's blog are the numerous comments full of helpful advice or supportive words that each of her posts elicits, most of which are from people who seem to think that Margene is just a normal, everyday woman in a polygamous marriage in Utah who allows HBO to air well-executed scenes from her and her spouses' lives every Monday night:

Hey Margie, I'm sorry about what is going on with your family. Just remember that it is just a storm. It may be hard now but at the end you get that great after storm rain smell. It will all blow over soon. Wow that came out to be very Clich'e. Thats awesome about the baby. Ha you have most likely heard this question but what do you hope it will be? Boy or Girl? I know what you mean about Pirates of the Carribean. Whenever they find a somewhat okay movie they blow it up way to much. There aren't any real good movies out right now. Oh to the well. I'll keep your family in my prayers.

Posted by: Gabs82 Jun 13, 2007 12:07 AM EDT

Margie, you deserve more attention and respect, espically now that your pregnant. And you can talk about Nikki any time you want. She is not involving you in important meetings. Instead she's trying to keep you out of the loop. Stay in the loop at all times.

Posted by: natinbiglove Jun 12, 2007 4:36 PM EDT

Wow Margie, can't wait to see you cute and preg! Why exactly are you TAKING hormones? Anyway, I bet the boys are getting big, hope u do post pics of them! Give Barb all our love! -She needs it, I'm sure! (can't wait to watch tonight)

Posted by: bobbsy Jun 11, 2007 8:13 PM EDT

I'm sure that all of the commenters are just playing along with the blog's conceit, relieving some of their incredible loneliness by reading and responding to the words of an incredibly lonely fictional character. Well, it's either that, or this is the Internet version of clapping for Tinkerbell, and they're all hoping that if they believe hard enough, and if they post enough comments pretending Big Love is real, Margene will come to life.