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Guillermo Del Toro asks Twitter if he should make Hellboy 3

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Guillermo Del Toro does a brisk business in frustrating the hopes of both fans of his work and himself. From aborted passion projects to stymied efforts to continue further adventures worlds he created, Del Toro seems to have worse luck than your everyday, run-of-the-mill directors of massive, hundred-million-dollar sci-fi and fantasy spectacles. And since Konami can go fuck itself after screwing over Del Toro’s planned Silent Hills, the director is looking to see if he should take another crack at the long-gestating conclusion to his envisioned Hellboy trilogy by turning to that fertile source of all creative inspiration: Twitter.


To the massive surprise of people who don’t understand how the internet works, the response is overwhelmingly in favor of the director making a third film. This may seem like merely a lark, or a token gesture we’re all just going to make some feeble jokes about—remember the fun we had with Kristen Bell’s exhortations to the internet to make a Veronica Mars movie happen? Well, we ate marshmallow-flavored crow on that one after the film materialized, so we may be premature in saying this Twitter poll won’t result in anything, especially when Del Toro stresses it’ll at least start a conversation. (Although the budget for the Veronica Mars film probably wouldn’t pay for craft services on the set of a Hellboy III.)

Ron Perlman, for one, will be more than happy to sit down and demand they make another movie—sure, he won’t be happy about it, and he may have actually given up on it, but maybe it’s wise to do one more pass at it now, before he becomes President in 2020. In fact, as of roughly an hour ago, Ron has already confirmed he’s down for another discussion, thereby fulfilling the first half of Del Toro’s pledge:

As much fun as it is keeping Del Toro busy shooting B-roll on The Strain, The A.V. Club is going to go ahead and endorse these talks, as well. Just let the man finish his damn planned trilogy, already—it sounds pretty great. You’ve got about an hour left to add your voice to the poll.