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We liked It, the much-anticipated filmic adaptation of Stephen King’s massive scary-clown ur-text. And, judging by the box office reports, so did the rest of America, which turned out in such numbers that the film’s on pace for the highest-grossing opening weekend for a horror film ever. On Friday night, one person sojourned out to the local cineplex, bought a ticket, rounded the corner, and saw this shit:

It got worse:


And while most people would’ve either attacked the clown or run to the nearest church, Chris ventured bravely into the depths:

The obvious question here is whether “alright” means “all right for an evil clown,” or what, exactly. The point, hopefully, to all ambitious cosplayers out there, is this: Please do not do this to people. We cannot all be guaranteed to react with the same level head that Chris did.

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