Whose hair Is worth more: Elvis' or Marilyn's? That's the burning question due to be answered about 17 hours from now. There are currently auctions for strands of both icons hair for sail on eBay. Both come from the same vendor, Griffin Memorabilia , and both are mounted in similar settings, with a photo of Elvis Presley or Marilyn Monroe, a certificate of authenticity, and a replica autograph.

Why buy hair? Well, the answer's right there Griffin Memorabilia's pitch, albeit courtesy of that most authoritative source "one site":

"According to one site, 'Weight per Weight historical and celebrity hair is thought to be the most valuable commodity in the world.' According to this site the price for Two ¼" strands of Authentic Elvis Presley hair is $1100.00. The item up for bid consists of a FEW STRANDS of Authentic Presley hair and is elaborately custom framed. Hair will last forever and can be handed down to future generations where autographs fade through the years. You will have an actual piece of an admired historic person in this very special framed display. You will own one of the most historic artifacts of this person to ever be made available."

The Elvis strand also comes with "a piece of Presley's actual towel he wore during his haircuts."

Though it dabbles in other pieces, hair seems to specialize in hair. Also competing with the Elvis and Marilyn auctions: Strands of hair from George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Secretariat.

Currently Secretariat is beating the competition. I have no idea what this means.