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Hang out with Daisy Ridley in her hotel room in this totally not-staged video

If you’ve ever wanted to really get to know the lead of a Star Wars film while they’re just having a relaxing day at home, far from the stuffy, formal confines of a press junket, now is your chance. Of course, that’s only if your idea of a relaxing day at home includes wearing designer clothes around a hotel room and answering 73 random questions from a Vogue reporter (some of which involve props) in a definitely-not-staged single-shot video. Because that’s what Daisy Ridley did, and now is your chance to watch it.


Though the video—as with previous videos in the 73 Question series—lacks the convincingly-natural feel the Vogue segment producers probably wanted, it does provide viewers with an untold amount of trivia about the 25-year-old British-born star, including the fact that Arsenal is her favorite football club and she knows all the words to the first verse of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.” After answering dozens of questions with totally-not-prewritten answers, Ridley and the interviewer enjoy a for-sure-impromptu tea party on the hotel terrace where they finally discuss Star Wars. Those who stick it out to the end will not only get to see Ridley’s lightsaber skills, but there might even be some wild, off-the-cuff spoilers for The Last Jedi (just kidding, of course there aren’t).

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