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Harry Styles literally drowns his sorrows in a somber music video for "Falling"

Harry Styles just released the official video for his latest heartfelt ballad, “Falling,” off of the album Fine Line and it’s safe to say that he could use a hug from his friends, a cozy blanket, and a nice movie. It’s the third single off of his most recent album and unlike the other fun tracks, this one is a simple piano-heavy ballad adorned with little more than the melodic pain of an impending break-up. As it turns out, that’s really all he needs to leave a lasting impression.


Gone is the whimsical, folklore-like aesthetic of laid-back pop jaunt “Adore You” to make way for something appropriately doleful: As he plays and croons about love lost (with a stiff drink at hand, so you know it was a doozy), the piano steadily fills with water until it—and the room itself—overflows. Styles makes no effort to save himself, but rather succumbs to both the emotional and literal flood. Yeah, the imagery is a pretty on-the-nose, but the soaring melody and his powerful vocals more than make up for it.

Styles recently performed the song for the first time at the 2020 Brit Awards on February 18 (this time employing two water-logged pianos) and is preparing for his upcoming summer tour. He also recently announced two Halloween—pardon us, Harryween—concerts that will take place October 30 and 31 at Madison Square Garden. Country star Orville Peck has signed on as a special guest.