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HBO and Divorce are splitting up

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Photo: Craig Blankenhorn (HBO)

Listen, it’s not because of you. HBO and Divorce still care about you very much, it’s just that… sometimes, TV shows about people who get divorced and the premium cable networks that air them sometimes just, you know, fall out of love. It’s not anyone’s fault, it’s just a thing that happens. You know, half of all relationships between a TV show and a TV network end at some point. It’s totally normal.


Whoever deserves the blame for it (seriously, it’s probably you), HBO’s Divorce is going to end after its six-episode third season, which premieres tonight. This comes from Deadline, which says that ending the show now—or in six weeks—was a mutual decision between star/executive producer Sarah Jessica Parker, the other producers, HBO, and showrunner Liz Tuccillo. Part of the reasoning behind is also apparently that Parker has some other irons in the fire with HBO (and other networks) through her Pretty Matches production company, which is developing a number of new projects including “scripted drama, comedy, and unscripted TV series as well as features and documentaries.” That’s pretty much every genre but cartoon and superhero show, so hopefully Sarah Jessica Parker will start working on some of those as well.