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HBO Max sets its official launch date

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Per Variety, HBO Max has announced its official launch date. So if you’ve exhausted your Netflix login, have rewatched Recess on Disney+ one too many times, forgotten how to log on to Apple TV+, found all the deeply hidden gems on Hulu and Amazon Prime, and have gotten around to watching that damn Golden Arm Quibi, then you’re in luck: WarnerMedia will launch its long-gestating platform on May 27. You’ll just need $14.95 at hand for the monthly subscription, which should be super easy to find during this period of economical prosperity, right? Right.


On top of HBO’s extensive library of original content, the streaming hub will also offer its own dedicated slate of original programming, network darlings such as Friends (including its on again-off again reunion) and Big Bang Theory, all the hard-to-come-by Studio Ghibili films, and content from WarnerMedia’s affiliated brands like Cartoon Network and Adult Swim. Add in major movie studio grabs Warner Media, New Line, and DC and you have over 10,000 hours of content to keep you busy.

Earlier in the month, WarnerMedia offered 500 hours of free HBO content through HBO Now and HBO Go until the end April in a dual effort to tease HBO Max’s arrival and to aid in the effort to keep consumers at home. Those who already have HBO Now subscriptions through the network will have access to HBO Max at no additional cost. Viewers who have HBO via AT&T’s TV service as well as Charter Communications will be automatically upgraded to HBO Max.