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Hear a track from Under The Skin and Jackie composer Mica Levi's anime score

Delete Beach (Image: STUDIO4℃)

English musician Mica Levi (formerly of the lo-fi noise-popsters Micachu And The Shapes) has developed a reputation as one of the most interesting composers in film on the strength of her scores for Under The Skin and Jackie, the latter of which earned her an Oscar nomination. But while we’re still waiting for a release of her eerie Marjorie Prime score or that crazy-sounding Brady Corbet musical that’s set to team her up with Sia, an icy, synth-y track from Levi’s soundtrack for the 2016 animated short film Delete Beach has been posted online.


The short, a collaboration between artist Phil Collins (no, not that one) and the anime studio STUDIO4℃, premiered at Norway’s triennial Bergen Assembly arts festival last year. The complete soundtrack was issued today as a limited edition double 10" release or a digital download through Boomkat.

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