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Here's an exclusive clip from Reality, directed by the guy who did Gomorrah

Illustration for article titled Heres an exclusive clip from emReality/em, directed by the guy who did emGomorrah/em

We were big fans of Matteo Garrone's 2008 film Gomorrah, which our own Scott Tobias said "siphon[ed] every ounce of glamour out of gangster life." Garrone's latest film, Reality, is making its way to the States now, and we've got an exclusive clip to entertain, intrigue, and possibly mystify you. Mike D'Angelo saw the film for us at Cannes, and he had this to say, which may help set up the clip: "On the surface, it’s a fairly simplistic tale of all-consuming lust for fame: Neapolitan fish merchant Luciano (Aniello Arena) agrees to audition for the Italian version of Big Brother at the urging of his kids, gets a callback, and then goes off the deep end, alienating family and friends as well as ruining himself financially. But consider the details. Luciano renounces pretty much everything he knows, focusing instead on the glory that allegedly awaits him. He’s convinced that he’s being observed at all times (by scouts from the show), and alters his behavior based on what he believes will favorably impress those in charge." The film opens in limited release starting in mid-March.

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