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Here's everything that's coming to Quibi in April

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Quibi has been gearing up for its April 6 launch date for month now, blasting the entertainment ecosystem with trailers, quick looks, and lists laying out the numerous “quick bite” shows it’ll be offering up on people’s phones when the big day finally rolls around. (Where were you, we’ll whisper to each other solemnly, when Murder House Flip first debuted?) But while we’ve already documented the stuff that’ll be available on launch, there are also plenty of titles that’ll get rolled out in the weeks that follow, including Anna Kendrick’s Dummy and Sam Raimi’s 50 States Of Fright. And so we’re now formally adding (at least, for now) Quibi to the list of streaming services whose online offerings we keep tabs on, an-ever widening gyre of content pouring down the big pipes and directly down our throats and/or into our phones.

We have, of course, already covered the most important of these shows—i.e., Dishmantled, the series in which Tituss Burgess explodes meals all over a couple of chefs and then forces them to try to recreate them. But the second wave of Quibi shows—arriving April 13—also includes some pretty interesting reality offerings, including Elba Vs. Block, in which Idris Elba continues his life-long efforts to follow in the footsteps of racecar driver Frankie Muniz by challenging professional driver Ken Block to a number of high-speed automotive challenges. Meanwhile, over in the world of scripted entertainment, Funny Or Die is tossing up its slacker comedy Agua Donkeys, while The Killing’s Veena Sud has what looks to be an updated riff on The Hitcher, titled A Stranger, and starring Dane DeHaan and It Follows’ Maika Monroe.

You can see the full list of April’s Quibi offerings below.

Available April 6:


Most Dangerous Game


When The Streetlights Go On


Chrissy’s Court


Fierce Queens

Gayme Show!

Gone Mental With Lior

I Promise

Memory Hole

Murder House Flip


Nikki Fre$h



Run This City

Shape Of Pasta

Singled Out

Skrrt With Offset

Thanks A Million

The Sauce

You Ain’t Got These

Available April 13:

Agua Donkeys

The Stranger


50 States Of Fright

Elba v Block

Let’s Roll With Tony Greenhand

Fight Like AGirl

Available April 20:


Iron Sharpens Iron

Available April 27:

Cup Of Joe