Here's your first look at Zack Snyder's all-Bat-everything Batman

Fresh off of backing dat Batmobile ass up, Zack Snyder has turned around and put his Batsuit and Batmobile on the glass, put them on the glass, girl, put them on the glass and shake them—“them” being the speculative assumptions about what his new designs for the character might look like. Indeed, those who suspected that Man Of Steel 2: Black Hole Sun, Won’t You Come, And Wash Batman Away might feature a Batman dressed in taffeta and tulle, the better to greet the DC Comics cotillion that is his overstuffed sequel, you were wrong.

In fact, Ben Affleck’s Batman will wear black—all black—to mirror the torment of his soul, and oh, the many charcoal tears he has cried in languorous slow motion. His Bat-logo is also a barely distinguishable black-on-black, spreading like shingles across his chest, like the sickness that spreads outward from his soul. His ears are shorter—evoking Frank Miller’s designs from The Dark Knight Returns and the Batman action figure your dog ate (…in anguish)—because this Batman has literally been worn down to nubs by his years of listening to other people’s problems. His body armor is tightly sculpted to every muscle, because Zack Snyder likes muscles.

His utility belt is filled with regrets.

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