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Hey! Where's Ask The A.V. Club?

You may have noticed that something's missing this morning at The A.V. Club: a new feature in the main slot. No, that isn't because we're all hung over and forgot to update the page. It's because we're tinkering slightly with our regular content, and the easiest way to do that was to hold Inventory for another day in the Monday slot.

Why's that? Because we've decided to move Inventory to Mondays, in part so when we do theme weeks (like the one coming up next week, for instance), the associated Inventory can launch the theme and appear on the page the same week as the rest of the content for that issue, instead of appearing the Friday before.

This means Ask The A.V. Club will now be the Friday main feature. Look for a new installment at the end of this week, and a new Inventory one week from today. Besides, this will give all the Inventory commentators another day to hash out whether Parker Lewis Can't Lose is the best or worst show in television history.


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