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It’s the human condition: Rich or poor, healthy or unwell, one of these days, we’re all going to die, probably because a serial killer hid under a bed somewhere and then jammed an arrow through our throats. (Statistically, it’s America’s third-most common form of arrow-based death, right behind Hunger Games reenactments and clumsy fletcher-based accidents.) So, hey: Why not take a few risks in this life? Buy a lottery ticket. Eat that weird sushi. Go camping at the place where a grief-stricken Pamela Voorhees brutally slaughtered all those dumb camp counselors 38 years ago.

That’s the offer being made by Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco, the still-operative Boy Scouts camp that once served as the shooting location for Sean S. Cunningham’s slasher mega-hit Friday The 13th. According to Bloody Disgusting, the normally closed-to-the-public camp has a mildly accepting relationship with its place in film history—opening for tours periodically, usually on a Friday the 13th—but has never allowed horror fans to actually camp out and really bask in the feeling of being pitchforked to death by a guy in a hockey mask. (Because, again: Actual working Boy Scout camp.) That’s about to change, though, because the camp is offering a chance for the cash-heavy slasher fan to actually camp at “Camp Crystal Lake,” complete with an appearance from original Final Girl Adrienne King.


The event in question will take place on April 13 (a Friday, duh), when day tours will open for the not-inconsiderable price of $135-$175. (To be fair, it’s a fundraiser for the non-profit campground’s continued operation.) The real big spenders can go even further, though, bidding in an auction for a chance to sleep at the camp overnight, and almost definitely probably not get murdered (We think.) You can read full details on the tour package here, in case you’ve been just dying (insert obligatory Cryptkeeper laugh here) to find the perfect present for your horror-loving husband or ghoulfiend. (Sorry.)

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