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Hideo Kojima invites you to ask him questions for "Hideo Musings"

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Hideo Kojima, creative lead on video games like the Metal Gear series and last year’s Death Stranding, is a guy who prompts a lot of questions. The answers to many of them, mostly related to the years of bizarre trailers that lead up to his new releases, are found within his games, but others—like, what is the secret meaning to that tweet where he says Eggs Benedict “looks like boobies when shaking the plate. lol”—have long seemed like eternal mysteries, never to be answered by the man himself.


Well, at long last, we have the opportunity to peer deeper into the mind behind these enigmas as Kojima has begun a Twitter series called “Hideo’s Musings,” in which he hopes to “answer 1 question a day” from his fans.

First up is a pretty basic question: “Which creators and actors currently have your attention?” someone asks. Kojima responds that he likes the actor Luca Marinelli, who he thinks “will break out soon” and would “be a spitting image of Solid Snake” if “he donned a bandana.” (Obviously, a fan mocked up what Solid Marinelli might look like in record time.) He also says he’s interested in the work of Olafur Eliasson, and hopes to see one of his exhibitions at the Museum Of Contemporary Art Tokyo.

While it’s nice to read about the artists Kojima’s into right now, we can only hope the questions get a bit weirder over time. This is the man, after all, who’s given us throat-dwelling Thumbs-Up Babies, who pairs scenes of brutal massacres with goofy shots of butt cracks, and who’s helped imagine characters like Fatman, a terrorist bomb expert named after a horrifying real-world nuclear weapon who fights the player by gliding around on roller skates while drinking wine through a straw.

Get cracking, internet, and plumb the depths of the mind responsible for all of this. Kojima has already suggested that this might be “an absurd project,” which means that his willingness to answer questions might be limited. Time is of the essence. We can’t let this opportunity pass us by.


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