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Hillary Clinton tries to secure her next Grammy by reading for the Fire And Fury audiobook

Screenshot (CBS)

As host James Corden noted during tonight’s Grammys broadcast, the Best Spoken Word category makes it possible for anyone and everyone to win a Grammy—like, say, Carrie Fisher. In an effort to predict who will win next year, then, Corden put the awards on hold for a moment for a skit in which he auditioned famous people for the audiobook of Fire And Fury, Michael Wolff’s book about the chaos inside Trump’s White House. Snoop Dogg, John Legend, and Cher all appeared, with DJ Khlaed trying to turn the book into a proper banger and Cardi B questioning the absurdity of Trump’s whole thing.

Then Corden dropped the real star of the sketch: Hillary Clinton. It’s not the funniest moment in award show history, but at least we know Trump will probably complain about it whenever he sees the clip—or, more likely, whenever Fox And Friends airs a segment on how disrespectful it was.

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