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Holy shit, Mike Myers has been hosting ABC’s new Gong Show this whole time

Tommy Maitland... or so we thought. (Photo: Eddy Chen/Getty Images/ABC)

For months, ABC viewers have been enthralled by one of the greatest mysteries of modern TV: Who is Tommy Maitland, the British host of the network’s Gong Show reboot? There had always been something vaguely familiar about his eyes and his voice, but how did a man who seemingly had no past get a sweet gig like hosting The Gong Show? Surely, Tommy Maitland had to be someone in disguise, a man who had to hide his identity for some reason but still wanted to host a TV show. The most likely culprit was D.B. Cooper, perpetrator of the only unsolved plane hijacking in history, but new evidence suggests that it was actually none other than famous funny person Mike Myers.

ABC revealed the truth today, cruelly exposing Myers as having been the man behind Tommy Maitland this whole time (as reported by The Wrap). We still don’t know why Myers had to hide his identity or why ABC endangered him by exposing the truth, but maybe he was being hunted by an assassin who has now been defeated or he was sick of lying to his friends and family about his double life. Whatever the reasoning was, we now know that Tommy Maitland has really been Mike Myers this whole time, and we’re going to have to live with that realization going forward.


Anyway, ABC also announced that The Gong Show is coming back for another season, with Myers/Maitland returning as the host.

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