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The corporate beauty of a child’s doll, features affixed by perfectly calibrated machines, is never meant to be altered by clumsy human hands. As testament to this sacred truth, a well-meaning grandparent, attempting to clean up his grandkid’s doll, has inadvertently created a face forged in the deepest pits of your nightmares.

There’s a very reasonable argument to make that the face on the left is terrifying in its own right, but it pales in comparison to the ghastly, Eyes Without A Face-looking hellcreature that resulted from its bath.


The pop culture comparisons are obvious, as Twitter points out . . .


. . . but none of these fully capture the dark reminder that just beneath the surface layer of reality lurks constant nightmares.


Racist shitbag and sometime writer H.P. Lovecraft made a career out of examining the horror that comes from discovering the mind-rending complexity and chaos underlying all things. To do so, he had to invent fantasy monsters and evil cults. In 2017, we, as a more efficient people, simply wash away a bit of paint and post the result on social media.

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