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Hosts of Australia's Today giggle their way through a segment on Jeff Bezos' weiner-shaped spacecraft

Bezos is scheduled to go to space at the end of next month.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A pair of consummate professionals.
A pair of consummate professionals.
Screenshot: Today

Last week, we learned that Dr. Evil cosplayer Jeff Bezos would be leaving for space on a rocket that completes his attempts to fully embody the Austin Powers villain by being shaped like a giant metal penis. The hosts of Australia’s Today morning show were tasked with reporting on this story when it was first announced, and found themselves giggling through the entire segment as images of space dicks were displayed on the green screen behind them.

Though hosts Allison Langdon and Karl Stefanovic only need to make it through a roughly three minute segment without laughing at the unmistakably phallic Blue Origin rocket, they fall apart almost immediately.

“Do you know what they call that?” Stefanovic asks, admiring the image behind him.


“A rocket,” Langdon replies.

“Does that look a little odd to you,” he continues, laughing. “Or is it just me?”


The camera flips to another member of the Today team giggling at his desk then cuts to a correspondent who’s already in stitches over the rocket. Despite the challenges presented by Blue Origin’s imposing visual presence, the crew carry on as best they can, discussing Bezos’ big brotherly adventure. Stefanovic spends most of the segment just looking at a picture of the rocket and silently laughing, really reminding us that a billionaire space race isn’t nearly as interesting as the fact that all of this massive expenditure revolves around a vehicle shaped like a giant cock.

The video ends with the group discussing the fact that Bezos will probably only spend an hour at most on the trip—and how much money each minute of that hour costs—which, to the Today team’s credit, is information that they resist using as fodder for jokes about Blue Origin’s apparent lack of stamina.

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