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If Elmore Leonard didn't want cowboy hats on Justified, he shouldn't have hired Timothy Olyphant

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Although our frequently bandied-about subtitle for FX’s Justified, Rage Barely Suppressed By A Cowboy Hat, speaks to our own abiding affection for Timothy Olyphant’s signature 10-gallon Stetson, someone else is decidedly not a fan—namely author Elmore Leonard, who Olyphant says keeps insisting that he ditch it. Among his complaints: that the hat is “too Western” and that Olyphant’s TV version of Raylan Givens character wears it far more often than his counterpart in Leonard’s books. But then, what is a Timothy Olyphant without his cowboy hat? Just the sleazebag from Go and The Girl Next Door, that’s what. Overruled, hat stays.