Photo: Netflix

It’s pretty easy to see shades of Game Of Thrones in Netflix’s new cyberpunk series Altered Carbon, which explores a world in which consciousness has been digitized. For one, the streaming juggernaut has funneled boat loads of cash into the show. For two, there are a shit-ton of characters and they’re all killing and fucking each other. Netflix wants this thing to not just be a hit, but to be a phenomenon on par with Game of Thrones. They even recruited Emmy-winning Game Of Thrones alums Alex Graves and Miguel Sapochnik behind the camera.

Now, it appears one of those directors has taken the HBO series’ influence even further. Raven-eyed (or should we say sparrow-eyed?) viewers will notice a familiar symbol in the first season’s third episode, which was helmed by Sapochnik.


Screenshot via Reddit

In the upper left-hand corner of the above screenshot, you’ll see a seven-pointed star, which, in the world of Westeros, represents both the seven-in-one godhead of its dominant religion as well as the religious text it uses as a guide. It was wielded with a tyrannical madness by the High Sparrow throughout seasons five and six, and we’re really hoping Jonathan Pryce isn’t poised to reprise that role here, because that dude was a drag.


While this is likely just a little nod to fellow fans, other Redditors have pointed out what looks like a seven-pointed star on the ring of a police officer. Maybe, then, the religion is poised to play a larger role in the series? Or maybe we’re all just overthinking it.