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It is with a heavy heart that we report some dissatisfaction with the movie title Solo

There are slim chances of titling a Star Wars movie in a manner that will please all or even most of its many, many fans, but just calling the Han Solo movie Solo is still pretty gobsmacking. That Han Solo’s last name directly implied his raffish, go-it-alone nature was always the type of thing you didn’t want to look too directly at, and so the film calling attention to it, as though it were some sort of clever pun and not literally baked into the decades-old concept of the character, shows a dispiriting lack of invention. It’s like a character in the movies marveling over the fact that “Skywalker” implies someone, like, flying, rather than just letting the Skywalkers have a radical fucking last name.

The sense of pulpy mystery and narrative momentum now drained from the film’s title, people began the fell but time-honored tradition of shitting all over it online. We could just post this one and call it a day:


But why would we do that when there were many jokes to make beyond red cups and Porgs? There were Arrested Development jokes aplenty to be mad:


As well as riffs on the stultifying obviousness of the name:


Also ululations about the fact that there is already a movie called Solo out there:


Ron Howard has done some great work throughout his career, as well as some more mundane, workmanlike stuff, and Solo could really be either. But if prequels and origin stories in general have a reputation for trafficking in bland, fan-service lore-building, Solo’s title and fraught production are not good indicators of anything but the fact that it’ll be an Arrested Development in-joke factory.


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