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It probably shouldn’t be this easy to parody the far-right fringe

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Former Late Night With Seth Meyers writer Conner O’Malley has returned after a brief break with another disturbingly accurate video parodying hyper-masculine far-right culture. Despite attending numerous rallies throughout the election season, getting a face-to-face with alt-right poster boy Milo Yiannopoulos, and even taking Cubs fans to task during the World Series, O’Malley’s YouTube page has been eerily silent since Donald Trump’s election. As it turns out, he’s been working on a full 22-minute pilot for the perfect Trump-era parody, TruthHunters.com, which is now available for your viewing pleasure.

We begin by checking back in with Mark Seevers, proprietor of TruthHunters.com and firm believer that “Donald Trump is the number one daddy of the USA.” Emboldened by the results of the election and unconcerned with his lack of a ticket, Seevers heads to the inauguration to show his support for Trump, interview Alex Jones about the very real condition known as Kit-Kat Foot, and meticulously inspect area trashcans for bombs and/or food. Also making an appearance in the video is O’Malley’s character Tony Camarabi, a.k.a. New Jersey’s #1 Masturbator, who attempts to have fun at the AVN awards despite finding out his grandfather just had a stroke.


Parodying far-right conspiracy theorists can be incredibly difficult, not only because they often parody-proof themselves by being so ridiculous, but also because many of the ideas they claim to believe are actually pretty vile, to the point where they’re not really fun to even bring up. But O’Malley manages to perfectly capture the unhinged aggression and manic misery of his targets. The people he interviews nod and agree with the crazy things he says because he says them with the same pathological confidence they’re used to hearing. On first listen, they even sound semi-patriotic, as when he proudly declares that the election of Donald Trump makes it seem “like 9/11 never happened, but Iraq and Afghanistan did.”

Check it out with the rest of his work over on O’Malley’s YouTube page, where you can also watch a father teach his son the traditional interpretive dance to the Charlie Rose theme.