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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

It’s Friday afternoon—here are some videos of sad Trump boys burning their MAGA hats

Maverick President Donald Trump’s recent uncoupling from the far-right ideologues that brought him to power has been met, among that constituency, with nothing less than goggle-eyed terror. The man remains an unequivocal bigot, but his flirtations with a cozier relationship with Democratic leadership has lead to a sort of best-case-scenario for his opponents, in which light political gains can be made risk-free while his base revolts. After news broke that he was close to striking a remarkably progressive immigration policy, Breitbart bleated, “Amnesty Don,” fulfilling the prophesied rift between the site and its onetime boy after Steve Bannon was ousted.

And now that those DACA plans are looking increasingly solidified sans border wall, let us enjoy some videos of angry young white guys who are even angrier than usual, and now burning their stupid, shitty MAGA hats.


If you only watch one of these videos, watch this one:


But who are you to stop at one? Watch this fucker get literally torched:

This is probably the one that exercises the best fire safety techniques:


There are also loads of pictures and videos of sad chuds using #burnmymagahat, a hashtag that will, if there is any justice in the world, rage like a bonfire throughout the coming days and weeks, its flames as red as the hats that fuel it. The Angry Burning Of A Garment Ritual is, of course, a time-honored tradition of sports fandom, particularly when an athlete departs and old fans are left feeling as if they were somehow duped. The people feeling duped now are the ones who believed Donald Trump was some sort of master propagandist and intentionally disruptive force in American politics, rather than a soft-brained racist who just happened to catch the right updraft and fall dick-first into this thing when all he wanted was another quick buck. He could give a fuck about his hats being burned, after all; he only ran for president so he could sell some of them in the first place.

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