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Ivanka Trump hates her nephew, apparently

Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Family is difficult, a set of people with whom we have deeply ingrained connections and from whom we can never exactly escape. Spending time with them can be tense, full of conflicting emotions, and that must certainly only be exacerbated when that family is famous, in business together, or both.

Still, that doesn’t quite explain why Ivanka Trump took to Twitter to savage her brother Eric’s newborn son, Luke, after spending a little time with him:


Whether this is because she fears that tiny, innocent Luke possesses the fell genome that makes Eric look like some sort of bat creature whose skin is unused to the direct rays of the sun, or she doesn’t quite get the way people use the word “otherwise” in a sentence, remains unclear. The latter was certainly the consensus among other users on Twitter, including noted power-user Chrissy Teigen:


It’s unclear exactly what else she was doing on that “otherwise incredible day” that reached its dark nadir when she was forced to hold the mewling spawn of her brother, but if she needs comfort, she can always retreat to the sweet comfortable glow of her own Instagram fan pages, where Eric’s hell-child cannot reach her.

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