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Jake Gyllenhaal loves ferrets, the f-word in a new Inside Amy Schumer sketch

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Last year, for whatever reason, Amy Schumer ended up subletting Jake Gyllenhaal’s New York apartment. They weren’t buds, and Schumer only landed in the apartment because that’s what famous New York people do, or something. That changed after both Schumer and Gyllenhaal went on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to talk about the sublet, complete with a video of Schumer drunk-eating a frozen princess birthday cake that was left in Gyllenhaal’s freezer:

Long story short, that’s probably how Gyllenhaal ended up in this new sketch for Inside Amy Schumer, which airs tonight on Comedy Central. In the clip, “Katfish,” Schumer is a fame-crazed gal who thinks she’s being catfished by Gyllenhaal—or a guy pretending to be Gyllenhaal—who she met on a ferret forum. With help from Katfish’s Max and Nev (Broad City’s Paul W. Downs), Schumer goes to confront Gyllenhaal, who turns out to be who he says he is, complete with his beloved ferret, Falcor. Things go downhill there for Schumer, who was banking on the burn, and the whole thing ends up with a big angry Gyllenhaal rant, as well as a bunch of hot Chinatown garbage.


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