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Janelle Monáe channels Prince in video for "Make Me Feel"

(Screenshot: Make Me Feel video/YouTube)

Janelle Monáe has released the first song off her long-awaited follow-up to 2013's The Electric Lady, the forthcoming Dirty Computer. The playful but assured guitar on “Make Me Feel” has a distinctly Prince vibe, which Monáe doubles down on with the video’s gender-fluid imagery and overall sensuality. It’s really one of the sexiest videos we’ve seen, all beautiful, swaying bodies—including Monáe’s and Tessa Thompson’s—set to a great dance track. The Alan Ferguson-directed clip also features several salutes to David Bowie, another queer icon.

Monáe debuted “Make Me Feel” on Beats 1, and she tells host Zane Lowe she’d “had this title on this concept before my first album The ArchAndroid, and it scared me because a lot of the things that I knew that I needed to say were very deep, very personal, from the heart. You know, this is an extremely vulnerable album and it took me a while to make it because I’m a self editor.” We can’t wait to hear—and see—the rest of it on April 27, the day the full Dirty Computer album drops.


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