Photo: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

The only thing worse than having a bad boss is having one that routinely embarrasses both you and the people for whom you serve. For White House Chief Of Staff John Kelly, that boss is President Donald Trump. Those people? It’s us. And John Kelly knows, guys. He knows.

Yesterday, Trump bellowed at the United Nations General Assembly, where spit flecked off words like “Iran,” “North Korea,” and “Rocket Man.” And in the audience sat John Kelly, sorrow deepening the lines in his face in much the same way they did during Trump’s infamous Charlottesville press conference, during which the president compared anti-fascists to the white supremacists who love our president despite the fact that he “gave his daughter to a Jew.”

Kelly looks even more despondent here. An Associated Press photographer captured his reactions, which became even more revealing once Trump called North Korea a “band of criminals.”


And it went on from there.


Meanwhile, Melania looks deep in thought.

Here’s hoping we never have to see Kelly’s reaction to the sight of falling missiles.