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Having just been thrown off the horse—a metaphor that will make more sense in a second here—of CBS’s fleetly falling Me, Myself, And I, TV vet John Larroquette is getting right back up on there. The five-time Emmy winner has signed on to the cast of ABC’s upcoming single-camera pilot Three Rivers, where he’ll play a character being described as a “smooth-talking cowboy dad.” (See? We said the horse thing would eventually make sense.)


The show is being produced by Sherry Bilsing-Graham and Ellen Kreamer, from I Hate My Teenage Daughter. It’ll star Annaleigh Ashford as an employee at a fancy hotel who’s lured back to her family’s ranch by her dad, the aforementioned cowboy man played by Larroquette. There, she’ll butt heads with her siblings as she attempts to apply her big-city learnin’s to these simple country folk, a process only exacerbated when Larroquette’s character reveals “a life-changing family secret.” (Our guess: He’s been moonlighting for years as a lecherous prosecutor in a Manhattan night court.) 

[via Deadline]

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