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John Oliver won’t even dignify Trump presidential campaign with a response

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

On Wednesday night, Late Show host Stephen Colbert took a break from interviewing presidential hopefuls to dish with fellow late-night host John Oliver about the people running for president. Colbert admitted he couldn’t start sending up Donald Trump soon enough, but Oliver shrugged off the tycoon’s political aspirations, telling Colbert he “couldn’t give less of a shit.” Indeed, it would be “physically impossible” for Oliver to generate negative fecal matter in response to Trump’s campaign.

Oliver also noted that he still has plenty of time to have his feathers ruffled by Trump and the rest of the 2016 presidential candidates. Colbert then brought up the fact that Oliver can’t even vote in the election, which prompted Oliver to raise the specter of “taxation without representation” protests, e.g., dumping “coffee” into a river. The Last Week Tonight host told Colbert there are plenty of other things to report on, bigger and “sadder” than even Trump’s hair. But, as Colbert pointed out, they’re not made of cotton candy.


The two men also took a moment to reminisce about their old boss, Jon Stewart, and the upstart who’s replaced him. Colbert felt Trevor Noah “crushed” his debut as The Daily Show host; Oliver agreed that Noah did a great job, but also said Noah has the impossible task of replacing “the irreplaceable.” And that’s something Colbert wouldn’t know anything about, according to Stephen Colbert.