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Johnny Depp to be sickened by Johnny Depp’s new band with Alice Cooper

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In news that has already sent Johnny Depp into fits of uncontrollable barfing, famous actor Johnny Depp has joined forces with Alice Cooper and Aerosmith’s Joe Perry to form a new band, in which Depp will play music alongside legendary musicians by dint of his being a famous actor. Cooper, no stranger to gross-outs, set off Depp’s peristaltic paroxysm on Instagram, announcing that he’d recently formed The Hollywood Vampires with Perry and Depp—the Godfather of Shock Rock having heard Depp’s recent declaration that actors who trade on their fame to pursue music “is a sickening thing,” and realizing how cool and shocking it would be to watch Johnny Depp vomit all over an audience.


The Hollywood Vampires draws its name from the supergroup of alcoholism that Cooper formed in the 1970s with Keith Moon, John Lennon, Harry Nilsson, Mickey Dolenz, and more, whose own epic puking certainly sets a high standard for Depp to match. So far, Depp’s opportunities have been limited to the recording of a yet-to-be-released album and a single scheduled live show at Brazil’s upcoming Rock In Rio festival in September. Still, if you’re looking to puke a lot, something called “Rock In Rio” is the place to do it.

No doubt wanting Depp to hold it in for showtime, Cooper spends this entire Rolling Stone interview defending Depp against accusations that actors are inflating their own egos by pursuing music, of the sort made recently by Johnny Depp. “Johnny is a guy who doesn’t have to do anything; he does things because he wants to do them. It’s not about his ego,” Cooper said of Depp’s humble, workmanlike decision to play alongside two classic rock titans at a massive outdoor festival in Rio de Janeiro.

“He’s also not a stage hog, which surprised me at first,” Cooper added of Depp. “He’s happy being up there and enjoying the music, but he never makes it about him. What I really love about Johnny is that when he does music, it is for fun and because he loves music. He was a musician first, so I think it is really close to his heart.”

Cooper’s clever words should briefly assuage Depp’s sensitive stomach, convincing him that he’s an actor playing music because he likes it, as opposed to all those other actor-musicians who are only pretending. And that should forestall Depp’s moment of self-realization, until it’s time to take the stage and spew.