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Jon Hamm eats bull penis in order to not talk about his own penis

Last night on The Late Late Show, guest Jon Hamm played a game of “Spill Your Guts Or Fill Your Guts” in which Hamm and host James Corden traded turns either eating gross things or answering embarrassing questions. Early rounds saw Corden eat tarantula rather than name his least-favorite guest and Hamm drink a chili-dog smoothie rather than rank previous Batmen. (Or at least they ate more edible things we’ve been told are those other things, because this is a late night show for famous people and not an episode of Fear Factor Joe Rogan saw while he was on DMT.) The game got more testy (as in testicles, you see) when the topic turned to Hamm’s famously alleged large penis.


Hamm, as longtime readers may recall, has for many years been accused of packing a king-sized hog capable of causing work stoppages on set. For his part, Hamm has asked us all to stop thinking about his penis, enormous though it may be. Corden, however, has a show to host and we have clips to write up and you all have a desire to read content related to theoretically mondo dongs. So, Corden really had no choice but to give Hamm the choice between describing the size of his own penis or eating some bull penis. Hamm, presumably not wanting a description of his potentially plus-sized package to be overshadowed by Judy Greer revealing how much she likes Halloween candy later in the episode, decided to eat the bull penis.

“That seems like it was horribly sliced up in a bad accident,” Hamm says of the bull penis that made the ultimate sacrifice to protect the privacy of Hamm’s penis. Surely we’ll all learn something from this and never speak or think of Jon Hamm’s penis again.

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