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Just 3 full minutes of cats and dominoes

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Screenshot: Cat Navi Desk (YouTube)

Earlier this week, having watched through a video that turned The Lighthouse into a SpongeBob SquarePants episode, we asked the people of the internet to take it easy—to ration out their best ideas slowly so as not to use them all up at once during this difficult time. We were wrong. As a video made up of nothing else but cats watching intricate, Rube Goldbergian domino arrangements fall over demonstrates, our species is filled to the brim with incredible concepts. There is no danger of us running out. Our cups runneth over, and the creative goop that overflows them exists, unlike toilet paper, in apparently inexhaustible quantities.

See for yourself by taking in this compilation of cats just hanging out while dominoes arrangements topple down to their amazement or relative disinterest. At first, straightforward lines of tiles are knocked over at the touch of a paw. But as the video goes on, the furry duo become more involved in powering elaborate designs that require the involvement of a pâté-eating cat to bump its head into the next domino in a pattern or one where a curious feline onlooker must activate the button on a jack-in-the-box-type toy. At the end of their day of unusual entertainment, the cats get to eat some kibble that’s been dispensed by a tile hitting up against a bell.

Cat Navi Desk, creator of “Cats And Domino,” is a real winner of a channel overall. Elsewhere, we’re provided with a video of the creator’s two cats repeatedly ringing little table service bells to receive treats. Cartoon sound effects have been edited on top of the footage just to bring the whole thing on home.

There is also a video of the cats taking turns playing accompaniment to a piano melody on a miniature keyboard and another where they play an extremely ineffectual Shogi match.

There is obviously a lot of depth to the wells this refreshment was drawn from. We were mistaken to think any kind of limit existed and will now correct ourselves. Basically, just keep it coming, internet. Upload as much nonsense as you can imagine. Now is the time to entertain the world. Now is the time to give us as many examples of cats doing dumb stuff as we can stomach.


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