Justin Timberlake announced his upcoming album Man Of The Woods with a moody promo video featuring bonfires, mountains, horses, and a bunch of other indicators of the American West. And, while he apparently formulated the entire vibe of the upcoming record around a flannel shirt—he literally just told his producers the vibe was a flannel shirt, as evidenced by a song titled “Flannel”—the first two singles have been anything but old-fashioned. “Filthy” was a tossed-off funk track with a dancing-robot video pulled straight from CES, and the new “Supplies” takes that futurism one step further, mashing up a whole suite of sci-fi movies, including 1984, Brazil, Mad Max, The Hunger Games, and more. The hook (“The world can end now / Baby, we’ll be living in The Walking Dead / ‘Cause I got supplies”) positions the track as a sort of late-night come-on between doomsday preppers.

Directed by Dave Meyers, who brought us Kendrick Lamar’s much better “Humble” and “Loyalty” videos, “Supplies” is a blend of ripped-from-the-headlines insinuations and high-concept post-apocalyptic action. Timberlake sighs wearily at screens flashing images of Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump (but not, curiously, Woody Allen). Later, a female protagonist played by Eiza González Reyna is introduced, first swatting at some huffy one-percenters and then making out with JT during the hook, as all revolutionaries must. It may be muddled, but it is also un-subtle: A young woman lifts a car over her head while wearing a “Pussy Grabs Back” shirt, a Molotov cocktail is tossed at a flaming Illuminati pyramid, and the viewer is directly urged to “wake up” in a dusty, bombed-out epilogue.


Anyway, it’s better than “Filthy,” at least. The weird-ass “Western” (or whatever) record is due out February 2.