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Kanye West fan learns you can’t rush the stage when it’s floating

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Kanye West’s Saint Pablo Tour is well underway, and while it hasn’t yet resulted in anyone speaking in tongues (as far as we know), it has seen the Life Of Pablo artist delivering his message from on high, i.e., a floating stage. That ostentatious pulpit proved too great a temptation in Atlanta last night, as NBC News reports that one concertgoer tried to ascend to heaven with West. A fellow fan (@Chase_Brown713) shared this video of the dangling devotee on Twitter:

We don’t see the moment when the guy jumped on as the stage rose, but he does cling for a few seconds before acquiescing to West’s request to back off. The guy then drops into the crowd, where he may or may not have been welcomed back with open arms. After all, he did get much closer to West than most fans ever will, and has one of the top ten concert stories ever. The man hasn’t been identified yet, but he reportedly was not injured during his climb or fall, so maybe West did perform a miracle in addition to “Power.”