Apparently unwilling to let Kevin Spacey hog all the fun, Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key have released a new trailer for their upcoming action comedy Keanu, in which they—and everyone else in the movie—have been replaced with talking cats. Titled “Kitten, Please,” it’s basically the red-band trailer that came out in January, except with all the swearing replaced with meowing sounds, and also everybody is cats.

Weirdly, the only character not played by a real-life cat in this version of the film is the titular kitty—whose kidnapping by gangsters forces Key and Peele’s suburban dorks to pretend to be hard-core drug dealers—who is now played by a stop-motion cat toy. We can only hope that the movie’s marketing team gets even more bored before its April 29 release date comes around, and we get another trailer where all the humans are plush felines, and Keanu is just a scribbled-in picture of a cat that’s been lazily scratched into the frame.


[via Vulture]