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King Krule started an Instagram account about skies and it’s very nice

The music of King Krule is not what most would call happy. Their latest album, The OOZ, lays singer Archy Marshall’s deep baritone voice and melancholy lyrics over warbled, jazzy riffs and splashy dub beats, conjuring up images of a broken-hearted man clumsily dancing alone at the back of a dimly lit bar. Even the album’s title refers to the metaphorical discharge that bubbles over after too much emotional experience. Which is why it’s so interesting that Marshall’s companion piece to the record is a very pleasant Instagram account dedicated to nice looking skies.

Under the handle @OOZ_SKY, the 23-year-old frontman is sharing fan-submitted photos of calm skies from around the globe. Modeled on the album art for The OOZ, the images all vary in terms of color, framing, and presences of clouds. The only commonality between each snapshot is a lone condensation trail from a jet or airplane, which means this account will likely be implicated in a chemtrails conspiracy theory in the near future..


User reactions to these posts range from “nice one” to “best one” to “this good af,” making it one of the most pleasant online communities in existence. So, if you’re the kind of person who enjoys nice things and/or you need a break from your own personal ooze-fest, we’d recommend slipping some of these serene sky pics into your timeline.

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