Hereā€™s the first look at Jason Reitmanā€™s new Labor Day, set during the holiday weekend when all Americans are forced to take escaped convicts into their home as their surrogate husbands and fathersā€”thanks, unions. Anyway, as you can tell by the tone of the trailer, if not already by the setup, the film is a bit of a departure for Reitman, who has until now specialized in a lighter, quippier version of melancholy. Instead, Josh Brolin is all brute, brooding strength and sinister goatee, Kate Winslet is all lonely, longing looks at her captor, and you know even without reading the Joyce Maynard novel itā€™s based onā€”or watching this preview, which pretty much spells out the whole movieā€”that before long, Winslet will wish this hostage situation could last the rest of both their lives. Fittingly, Labor Day arrives on Christmas Day, when a lot of your own family gatherings will feel like being held captive.