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Let us all gaze into the abyss of Justin Bieber's full-torso cathedral tattoo

(Photo: Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)

We’re pretty sure it was Friedrich Nietzsche who once wrote, “When you gaze into a tattoo of a bear perched angrily over Justin Bieber’s nipple, the Justin Bieber nipple bear gazes also into you.” Apparently inspired by these deep philosophical musings, Bieber decided to briefly drive the internet to Lovecraftian heights of madness this morning, by giving it a long glimpse of his latest, most ambitious tattoo to date: a full-torso image of what appears to be some kind of weird-ass Gothic cathedral, complete with gargoyle, angel, and skeleton motifs, that now takes up most of what medical experts might identify as the “whole goddamn stomach” region of the pop star’s body.


Avid followers of Bieber’s ink—he’s reportedly got 60 or so different pieces—will know he actually already had a tummy tat, declaring him a “Son Of God”; you can actually still see bits and pieces of it sticking out from under his latest skin-mural, presuming you’re the kind of person prone to long examinations of Justin Bieber’s exposed torso. In any case, it’s given us a lot to think about today in terms of big, important theological questions. Like: “Are the angel and the skeleton friends?” “Are there Purpose Eagles in heaven?” “And what’s that creepy arm-eye looking at?” Truly, the mysteries never cease.

[via Billboard]

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